NO! NEVER EVER BLED! You must be doing something wrong, are you using enough lube? Please I’m no expert, you should get this checked up, or maybe someone else on here could help you? Stay safe!

Yikes! Sorry bud! But honestly your education is the most important thing in this world, more important than any man, and if the only way you’ll be able to complete it is if you respect your step dads wishes then do so (i’m not saying that your step dad is right im just saying your education is more important)! I mean 6 months will fly by! What’s 6 months compared to the rest of your life? But that’s just my opinion, hope everything works out for the best!

Thanks buddy! Glad you’re enjoying the daddies!

OH BOY! YES!! There were some really raunchy scenes of him in American Horror Story season 1!!

I’m a pretty average looking kid, just trying to get some daddy dick for this ass

I have all my favorites saved to xtube, maybe you’ll like some of them

I think I’ve had it for almost two years now!

Just post whatever you like mate, your blog is meant to make you happy and if others enjoy your blog too then that’s a bonus!

You really have an amazing blog, been following you for ages! You dont need any advice you’re already doing a great job!

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