It doesn’t matter buddy for as long as you don’t do whats socially acceptable (Marry the perfectly aged wife) people will always have issues/opinions on who you’re dating. You sound like you’re really happy with your daddy so what should it matter what anyone else has to say? Whose relationship is it? Theirs or yours?

My gay friends still harmlessly tease me over my preferences for older guys so that’s normal, it doesn’t affect me, i’ve learned to laugh it off, maybe in time you would to!

WHOA! sounds like someone’s been busy! haha I’d be lying if i said i dint have indecent thoughts about all of the above

OH YES! I do remember! Welcome Back buddy! And of course, great blog to follow!

haha! Welcome back mate where’d you go?

PS your blog makes me depressed the guys on there are far too fucking hot

LOL nope, sounds pretty hot actually! which hot daddies have you been jerking off to naughty boy?

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