The answer to that question lies within a Desperate Housewives box set xP

haha! Thanks mate!

Nah man its not weird at all! Just concentrate on that awesome daddy of yours and you honestly wont notice who’s giving you looks! But if you do catch someone glancing, give them something to see.. give Daddy a little kiss. Always be proud buddy!

haha! This sure is, don’t guys age beautifully?

Thanks mate!

Well the only App i use is Grindr (works with your GPS to locate hot guys in close proximity to ye)! Every gay guy should have this app on their mobile! I also heard that Mister is pretty cool but i haven’t checked it out yet!

As for websites Manhunt is the biggest, just set your age range to 40+ or whatever and find daddies in your area. You can check out Gaydar,, Adam4Adam… maybe you’ll like one of those better

Happy hunting!

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