Lol thanks buddy! Try not to get some on your keyboard :P

Great blog yourself +F!

YES! This is Very important! I found this thread really helpful when i started out so check it out it tells you everything you need to know/do

Also watch this vlog its by a professional pornstar Marc Dylan and he explains how he prepares himself for sex/bottoming

hope these help!

Great choice! Salt&Pepper dads are the BEST! haha and yeah there’s a host of apps and sites to meet all sorts of guys, however I’ve been going to a few gay bars lately and I’m kind of preferring meeting dads/guys in person! I answered this question a while back so here’s to me being lazy:

Happy Hunting! & let us know about ALL the hot daddies you meet!

NOPE! You’re not, open relationships are getting pretty common these days or you could just invite another guy to play with you and your daddy! I think a slut would be someone who has sexual encounters without the consent/acknowledgement of their partner, so clearly you’re going about this the right way by asking your daddy for an open relationship!

I think you got the wrong number mate

Thanks buddy! There are PLENTY of hot daddies and hot daddy blogs here on Tumblr! It wont be fair of me to name a few and not everyone else. So if you’re a hot daddy/daddy blog like this post so we can find you and follow you!

lol thanks buddy thats kind of you! Do you mean this guy?

I dont have any personal details of him BUT those photos are from a set of his of which he modelled for MuscularStudios, you could contact them via their website, sure they have more info!

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