HAHA! I know right? I feel like i’m missing something though, like can you even suck/fuck with a piercing on? if so how? Does it make sex more pleasurable or is it just there for appearance purposes? If its there for appearance purposes it gets a thumbs down from me too! But i guess everyone has their own likes/dislikes and that’s great.

IDK about weird, sounds kinda hot to me? Just don’t let your dad catch you wearing them, or better yet let him do, hopefully he’ll give you a good spank xP! But seriously i can’t relate to guys that find their own dads attractive, the very thought of my own dad and sex grosses me out (not cause he’s not a good looking man but because well, he’s my dad)

Love your blog!

"Finally got around to creating my own and I must say, I don’t regret it! Thanks for finally making me give into the temptation."

- well I’m glad you made one cause its HOT AF!!

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